2019 Gartner Analyst Report

Technology Insight for Biometric Authentication

Gartner Report: Technology Insight for Biometric Authentication

Passwords have been found to be an increasingly unreliable authentication factor. With each major breach, more username/password combinations are listed for sale on the Dark Web. Organizations are moving past passwords towards new authentication technologies like biometric authentication. Meanwhile, financial institutions are turning to behavioral biometrics to create the best possible user experience to compete in the mobile channel.

Biometric authentication matches a user to a previously established identity using unique physiological traits, such as a thumbprint, or behavioral indicators, such as swipe patterns.

Download Technology Insight for Biometric Authentication to learn where this technology is best deployed and how it can be leveraged to enhance the user experience and increase trust.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Analyst recommendations for security and risk management leaders
  • Biometric authentication use cases that will deliver the most value/ROI
  • Privacy and performance risks, including types of fraud attacks
  • Key evaluation factors for selecting biometric technologies




Gartner Technology Insight for Biometric Authentication , Ant Allan , 16 October 2019