How Secure E-Signatures Enable Online Permitting

Government organizations are increasingly turning to digital transactions enabled by secure electronic signatures, to improve responsiveness, increase auditability and reduce costs. Issuing permits and licenses to citizens and businesses is often a top priority for agencies and departments looking to achieve these goals. The US Department of Agriculture is a great example of this innovation. The agency has improved the way it controls and tracks the movement of livestock into and across the country by enabling end-to-end digital processes. By adding electronic signatures to its Veterinary Service Process Streamlining (VSPS) portal, the paperwork required to accredit veterinarians, apply for health certificates and submit import permits has been automated via an electronic workflow. The result is better visibility and auditability, and improved responsiveness in the event of any health or safety incidents.

If you are interested in finding out how the USDA APHIS VS quickly and successfully eliminated paper from its complex processes,watch this on-demand webcast. Through this presentation, you will gain insight into:

  • How to authenticate staff, citizens and partners prior to e-signing
  • What type of e-signatures work best for your processes
  • How to address mobile e-signing requirements
  • What security and compliance best practices to follow
  • What benefits, results and challenges to expect
  • The effort and cost involved in adding e-signatures to your government

This is a rare opportunity for government IT & operations leaders to hear firsthand how to enable truly digital processes with electronic signatures.