From Contract to Close: eSignature’s Impact on Sales Organizations


Recorded On: March 14th, 2017


  • Andrew Moravick, Research Analyst, Marketing & Sales Effectiveness and Strategy - Aberdeen Group
  • Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing - OneSpan

When closing a sale, the basic process is pretty familiar: At point A, you have a contract. At point B, you have a signed contract.

Users of eSignatures, however, get from point A to point B faster and with fewer clunky, manual steps.

E-Signature solutions remove inefficiencies from the most critical part of the sales process—the close. If an organization isn’t using an eSignature tool, their sales process depends on faxed, print-sign-scan-emailed, or even snail-mailed documents to formally complete the close.

In this webinar, Aberdeen’s Marketing & Sales Effectiveness Analyst Andrew Moravick teams up with OneSpan to explore the process and performance improvements that organizations can achieve with eSignatures. This webcast covers:

  • The critical operations streamlined and improved by eSignature
  • How to build the optimal eSignature workflow in conjunction with your core systems
  • Insights from successful eSignature deployments
  • CRM, CPQ and contract management integration options