Statutes for Insurance Policy E-Delivery & E-Posting


Recorded On: December 13, 2016


  • Alex M. Hageli, Director Personal Lines Policy, PCIAA
  • Pat Hatfield, Partner, Business Technology and Insurance Practice Groups, Locke Lord LLP
  • Brian Casey, Partner, Co-Chair of Regulatory & Transactional Insurance Practice Group Locke Lord LLP
  • Andrea Masterton, Director of Marketing, OneSpan

Many state legislature have updated insurance codes allowing insurance companies to fulfill their delivery obligations by posting policies and endorsements on their website rather than printing and sending out these documents on paper. Learn how these updated laws are allowing companies easier adoption of technology, to improve the process of buying insurance for consumers, while ensuring security, compliance and enforceability.

This webcast, hosted by Insurance Networking News, features a panel of experts that explain, in simple terms, the regulatory requirements of e-posting and e-delivery and the best practices to keep in mind.

Webcast highlights:

  • E-Posting and E-Delivery defined
  • Update from PCIAA on the progress of legislative adoption of e-posting laws
  • The intersection between ESIGN, UETA and state insurance laws on e-signatures and records
  • How to demonstrate insured consent to do business electronically
  • Best practices for ensuring security, compliance and enforceability
  • A live demonstration of insurance policy electronic posting


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