Understanding Digital Assets in the Automobile Finance Industry

Открытая дилерская биржа

Recorded On: Jun 26, 2018


  • Wade Carson, VP Product Operations at Open Dealer Exchange (ODE)
  • Michael Laurie, VP of Product Strategy at OneSpan

Lending is a complex contracting process with a long lifecycle.  It carries significant risk and limited trust across its value chain – from origination to funding through to the fulfillment and servicing of the loan. Managing these financial assets in the digital world offers substantial advantages is a huge job and one that requires stringent checks and balances to ensure a single untampered “authoritative copy” of loan documents exists at all times.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from vehicle finance and electronic vaulting experts to learn how dealers, lenders and investors can manage and protect digital assets such as automobile loans as they are transferred between funding entities and how to ensure a secure chain-of-custody of documents throughout their lifecycle.