Beyond the Basics: Get the Most Out of eSignatures

Beyond the Basics

Recorded on: April 1, 2021


Yan Desjardins-Beaurivage, Senior Product Manager

Patrick Albert, Senior Solutions Architect


This webinar is part 2 in the three-part series, "Building for the Future: E-Signatures Pave the Way for Digital Transformation." For more on e-signatures and remote business, watch Part 1 and Part 3

Embracing technology was a universal theme in 2020 with digital boundaries being pushed beyond intended plans. As remote work became the norm for businesses adopting an “anywhere” approach to conducting business, e-signatures emerged as a perfect fit in these digital shift plans.

For companies that have already added e-signatures into their workflows, now is the time to build for the future and get an in-depth look at advanced e-signature use cases.

In this webinar, a team of digital business experts from OneSpan provide an in-depth review of e-signature workflows, as well as customization and authentication options, including identity verification.


Additional topics and demo include:

  • Diving into more complex B2E, B2B and B2C workflows
  • Walkthrough and technical steps in the e-signature implementation process
  • Tried and tested recommendations for winning internal adoption