Webcast: Best Practices in Authenticating E-Signature Transactions

Recorded on: June 23, 2016


  • Michael Laurie, VP Product Strategy, OneSpan
  • Will LaSala, Director of services for North America, OneSpan

Digital business transactions are increasing in popularity as organizations of all sizes are looking to offer their customers better and more efficient options for conducting business. However, while the benefits of transacting remotely with customers and using e-signatures are clear, the organization initiating the transaction must know who they are transacting with.

For this reason, user authentication is an important step in e-signature transactions, but selecting and implementing the right user authentication method can be tricky. This special layer of security is put in place to associate an e-signature to the person signing and helps to ensure enforceability of the e-signed record. To provide guidance on how to select and implement authentication techniques related to e-signature transactions, this webinar shares the role authentication plays in digital transactions, the advantages and disadvantages of each method and what risks it will mitigate.

Watch OneSpan’s seasoned e-signature experts in a discussion around the must-know tips, best practices and answers to the most common questions asked about authentication, such as:

  • How do I select the right authentication for my requirements?
  • How can I implement strong authentication, without making the process difficult for customers?
  • Can I leverage existing user authentication credentials?
  • Can this integrate with 3rd party ID verification and authentication services like Equifax or DIGIPASS?
  • What are other organizations using? What best practices do they rely on?

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